5 Signs Your ECommerce Needs Odoo ERP

5 Signs Your ECommerce Needs Odoo ERP

With the increasing customer demands, an increasing number of online customers, and increasing sales volumes, managing the same along with managing huge customer purchase orders, managing customer details, finances, accounting tasks, inventories, almost everything becomes more difficult. And here comes the role of an all-in-one integrated eCommerce ERP system like Odoo. As shared by a professional of Odoo in Australia, integrating this software into an eCommerce business can ensure easy data flow, one-time data entry, reduced data redundancy, easier, faster, and efficient management of huge volumes of sales, customers, financial calculations, and purchase orders. In other words, when it comes to eCommerce business management, investing in Odoo ERP can help with better merchandising, driving conversion rates, improving the customer experience, better branding, faster and seamless management of sales, orders, and all other areas of the ventures, thereby ensuring faster growth of the businesses.

But the point is how can you understand that your eCommerce business needs Odoo ERP. Here are the key signs that clearly indicate that your business needs the ERP now.

You have to login into multiple systems to update your customer details, orders, and sales data:

Even if you are selling on one single channel, you may find that you are still logging into multiple software systems like for shipping and order fulfilment within the Point Of Sale or eCommerce admin panel, for managing and updating accounts and other financial reports you may have to use separate accounting software, for marketing and managing customers you may need a separate marketing platform or system and so on. Now, logging into and use so many different systems can result in different problems like unnecessarily increasing your expenses as you will have to invest in different software systems, poor data flow, poor communication between departments, and can create confusion. Instead it is a smarter and cost-effective idea to make things simpler by consolidating all these tasks within a single ERP software like Odoo that can manage all.

Your customers get to see inventory errors:

No matter how many channels you are selling your products, if your online customers get to see inventory errors then it is extremely important to get it sorted as soon as possible. As per recent research, it has been found that more than 77 percent of the customer reviews are related to the problems they faced after clicking the buy option that also resulted in nearly 33 percent revenue loss. Implementing the perfect eCommerce ERP that’s Odoo can enable you to easily track the inventory across various locations, scan barcodes quickly during the pick, automate the flow of all orders from the customers to the warehouses, and drastically improve the overall customer experiences throughout the buying journey.

Your customers are chasing their purchase orders:

If you are struggling hard to update your online customers on a timely basis, they will definitely chase you. As your eCommerce business expands, the sales and orders volumes and your number of customers will also increase. Although your e-store may handle daily basic communications like order confirmations, dispatch notes, etc., the actual value of an eCommerce business lies in the ability to track the orders and offer real-time customer updates. Whatever the problem is, your customers should know about it. An eCommerce ERP like Odoo helps you to easily track every such situation and offers features and functionalities that can help you quickly send or update the status of the orders to the respective customers in a bulk.

Your processing costs on all orders are skyrocketing:

A core eCommerce process that you need to keep tracking is the processing costs per order that determines how much it will cost you to get every order out of the door. And if it costs you much higher to just ship the order as compared to the revenue it will generate then it can simply lead to a huge loss. However, an effective way to bring down the processing costs is by integrating Odoo ERP.

You are still manually calculating your finances and accounts:

With the increase in sales and customers, your financial and accounting tasks also become unmanageable and difficult to carry out manually. Also, manually handling these sensitive calculations can lead to errors, which can cause a serious problem later on. If your eCommerce business is facing such problems, it’s better to get Odoo into your system that comes with a separate accounting and finances software to automate and execute all those huge and difficult calculations easily and flawlessly.

These were the key signs that show that it’s time to integrate Odoo into your eCommerce business. Odoo ERP integration can ensure to automate all your business processes, streamline your workflow, and help you manage your tedious business tasks like sales, orders, purchases, customers, inventories, etc., in an efficient and cost-effective way.