A complete software for Android and iOS device management

A complete software for Android and iOS device management

Smartphones have become a vital part of our life and play a big role in the way we interact with the world nowadays. Having a malfunctioning device, for whatever reason, can be a big headache. Just imagine losing your precious data, or having your device stuck in the boot logo. Sometimes you need to head to a service center and spend some money to get your device working. Unfortunately, in some cases, you’ll lose all your precious data in the process. But how about having software that helps you in certain malfunctioning scenarios, and can also prevent data losses with a complete backup solution? Today, we’ll talk about Wondershare Dr.Fone.



Dr.Fone software comes with an array of tools to help with data recovery and management for Android and iOS devices. The application boasts rich features such as System Repair, Data Backups, Data Eraser, Password Manager, System Repair, Screen Unlock, Phone Transfer, and more.


It’s a big hub for the management of your devices. Through this article, we’ll have a good look at the app and we will discover if worth’s a try.

Key Features

  • Data Recovery – This allows you to recover missing data from your device;
  • Phone Manager – Establishes a seamless connection with the computer allowing you to manage your device and exchange files;
  • WhatsApp Transfer – Allows you to transfer, backup, and restore WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, Viper, and WeChat data;
  • Password Manager – Recover Password on your iOS device;
  • Screen Unlock – This allows you to remove the phone lock screen, FRP, Apple ID, MDM, and more;
  • System Repair – Repair iOS and Android systems;
  • Phone Transfer – Copy All data from one phone to another;
  • Phone Backup – Backup and restore your data;
  • Data Erase – Will permanently delete that data of your device;
  • Virtual Location – Change GPS location for iOS or Android – It’s useful for location-based games such as Pokemon GO, or simply to trick your friends;
  • Mirror Go – This allows you to mirror the phone screen on the PC;
  • InClowdz – Migrate and Sync files between different clouds;

Through this article, we’ll review some of the main features offered by the application.

Screen Unlock

The feature, as the name suggests, allows you to remove the screen lock even if you’ve forgotten the pin or the fingerprint is no longer working. It’s possible to unlock iPhone without a passcode. It’s more useful in the full Dr.Fone toolkit.

System Repair

If your system is slow you can perform a system repair to make things smooth again. It does not perform a simple factory reset, but finds the correct firmware and reinstalls it. Despite this, the feature won’t harm your precious data. There are two modes for iOS. One that fixes the most common system errors, like iPhone, stuck in a boot loop. There are more advanced modes, however, that can harm your data. However, you can also backup your data before doing a system repair. It’s also possible to downgrade iOS without using iTunes.

Phone Manager

The phone manager is one of the central features of Dr.Fone. It allows you to access and manage files from your phone. With a few clicks, you can locate music, videos, photos, apps, and other data. Moreover, the explorer allows you to browse your phone’s file systems.

You can move files, exchange them with the PC, create new folders, and albums and rename existing ones. You can send individual files or batches to the computer. It’s very useful when you download big files on the PC and want to send them to a mobile device.


Interestingly, transferable files also include contacts, text messages, and apps. Therefore you can delete apps from your phone or install apps already stored on your computer.

Android users can export media files to the iTunes library. Likewise, you can import files from iTunes to your smartphone. If you’re managing an iOS device, you can rebuild your iTunes library with any compatible media file on your device.

Phone Backup

With Dr.Fone, it’s possible to perform complete backups of your entire phone data. You’ll store the precious data in your computer and can restore it at any time or on a different device. It’s a great idea to keep a backup of your files in case anything goes wrong with your device in the future. You know, accidents can happen.

You can make complete backups, or at least select which data you want to save. In the same form, it’s possible to pick and choose which data to restore from a backup already on your computer. You can save things such as contacts, texts, call history, photos and etc. It’s also possible to dig into categories such as images, to select specific photos.

The feature also allows iOS users to restore iCloud and iTunes data.

Phone Transfer

This is also another interesting feature. After all, it allows you to seamlessly switch your device from Android to iOS without much hassle. You just need to connect both devices and choose which phone is the original and which you want to move files to.


When switching iOS to Android, you can send data such as Photos, Videos, Contacts, Contacts Blacklist, Text messages, Calendar Data, Voice Memos, Music, Alarms, and more. When you’re doing the opposite, the list is smaller. However, you can still send photos, videos, contacts, text messages, bookmarks, calendars, voice memos, and music.

WhatsApp Transfer

As the name suggests, you can perform complete backups of WhatsApp and transfer them to other devices. You can transfer regular and business chats between iOS and Android and create backups for restoring to any device at a later time.


The feature’s name clearly highlights WhatsApp, since it’s one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. However, it can also manage chat histories for LINE, Viber, Kik, and WeChat.

Data Eraser

This feature offers a permanent data deletion method for files, phone data, or the entire device with a click. It will mess up the data to make it appear corrupt and unreadable. After that, it will use a military-grade algorithm to overwrite the internal storage and memory card sector many times so it’s irretrievable.

Password Manager

The Password Manager is only available for iOS devices. It requires a $14.99 payment since it’s part of the full suite. It’s not available for Android and requires a Windows computer. It’s funny, but you can’t use a Mac computer to restore an iOS device’s password. But requirements aside, the feature is functional.

It allows you to detect the Apple ID and password for the connected phone, scan for email accounts, stored credit card info, and website and app logins. It’s a complete password management tool. It can also find saved Wi-Fi networks and even Screen Time Passcode.

It’s useful when you’re locked out of the device. It’s also a quick way to recover forgotten passwords and use them on other devices. You can even export iOS passwords and import them directly into Chrome password manager tools like Keeper, iPassword, Lastpass, and Dashlane.

Virtual Location

This is an interesting feature since it allows you to spoof the device’s GPS location. It’s useful for certain games like Pokemon Go, after all, you can easily head to places that have distinct Pokemon.


It’s also possible to trick your friends by saying you’re visiting cool places when you’ve never left the comfort of your home.


This feature, as the name suggests, allows you to screen share the screen of your device on the computer through Dr. Fone. You can check the phone’s screen straight from the PC without needing to open the phone.


This is a web-based Dr.Fone feature that is fully integrated with Dr.Fone. It allows you to manage different clouds. It’s a complete solution and it’s safe.

Conclusion – Dr.Fone a great application for phone management

Dr.Fone is a very complete software solution with an intuitive interface. The features are all available in a central hub, and everything is well explained. Worth noting, however, that it’s recommended to pay for the complete toolkit if you

want to unlock all advanced features. However, if you need a complete management solution for your device, we can say that the software worth the price.

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