Black Knight Chief Information Technology Officer James

Black Knight Chief Information Technology Officer James

Highlights Company’s Innovations and System Enhancements Utilizing Analytics, Machine Learning and Other AWS Tech at Scale

— Black Knight has been leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) for several years to develop innovative real estate and mortgage solutions, while also increasing the scalability, speed, and functionality of its flagship offerings

— Currently using more than 60 AWS capabilities, Black Knight’s AWS investment empowers its velocity of innovation, bringing operational products to market quickly

— Given its mission-critical role in one of the largest financial services verticals, Black Knight’s approach to cloud technology is to “meet the client where they are” as opposed to forcing change

— Black Knight onboards cloud-based innovations to avoid client disruption while consistently delivering massive computational power, storage and throughput; machine learning; and analytical insights at scale using AWS

— The keynote address detailed specific AWS technologies, their use cases as part of Black Knight’s overall cloud strategy and how the company helps “make home ownership possible”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI), a premier provider of integrated technology, data and analytics for lenders and servicers, announced that Chief Information Technology Officer James Iredale participated in the keynote presentation at the AWS Summit Atlanta. In his remarks, Iredale highlighted how the company leveraged AWS offerings for the last four years to drive technological innovation in the real estate and mortgage industries. Thousands of technologists across multiple industries gathered in Atlanta at the Summit to discuss how AWS helps companies like Black Knight innovate quickly and deliver flexible, reliable solutions at scale.

During the keynote, Iredale outlined how Black Knight employs AWS capabilities to create solutions across the mortgage life cycle. From engagement tools at the front end of the process – when a prospective homebuyer begins looking for a home and exploring financing options – to origination, underwriting and funding through the entire long-term customer relationship of mortgage servicing, AWS enables Black Knight to achieve a velocity of innovation rarely seen in the financial services industry.

“At Black Knight, we’re helping make homeownership possible by building and operating the underlying mortgage software used by some of the largest financial institutions in America,” said Iredale in his remarks. “Our mission is clear: to make the mortgage process easier, faster and more intuitive – not only for our clients, but for the American consumer, as well. But at the same time, we also have to meet our clients’ very customized needs around quite complex operations. To that end, we have been working with AWS over the past four years, using analytics, machine learning and other AWS technologies to digitalize the mortgage process from end to end.”

“Developing with AWS lets us easily scale up solutions in the cloud and move with increased agility as old waterfall development practices with high manual touch get replaced by lean development practices and automation in development operations and testing practices,” Iredale continued. “This allows us to meet our clients where they are with regard to cloud technology as opposed to forcing wholesale change. It also means we are able to future-proof our technology with much greater ease.”

According to John Kain, AWS Worldwide Head of FSI Market Development, “Black Knight is creating the next- generation mortgage process, and we have enjoyed working with them as part of their ongoing focus on delivering innovative solutions that address the needs of the mortgage industry. By leveraging AWS and machine learning, they enable their clients to provide the fast, digital experience that consumers are used to in other industries.”

To learn more about Black Knight’s cloud-based innovations through AWS, view Iredale’s keynote address.

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