Chocolatey Software Blog | Announcing Chocolatey Central

Chocolatey Software Blog | Announcing Chocolatey Central

We are very happy to announce the release of version 0.10.0 of Chocolatey Central Management! This is a large release of features and bug fixes and represents a significant leap forward towards version 1.0.

Discussed below are the main changes included in this release, but we also have a full set of release notes available providing more detail.


The Basic Deployment provides the ability to run specific Chocolatey CLI commands for a package. As a direct result of customer requests, we have added the ability to add a version or pre-release option to the Deployment Step.

Basic Deployment steps has option to add package version or pre-release

You can now duplicate an existing Deployment using the Action button and specify the period Deployment will repeat when you create it.

Repeat a deployment

Finally for Deployments, Chocolatey Central Management will email the user who scheduled a Deployment, if it fails to start.


To enhance security for users logging into Chocolatey Central Management, we have added the option for email to be used as a second factor of authentication. When this is enabled by the Administrator, a user logging in will be sent an email, to their registered email address, with the code needed to log in.

Chocolatey Central Management Login page when email two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled


To ensure the continuation of your license without interruption, we have added a reminder when your Chocolatey For Business license is due to expire within 90 days. If you are on a trial of Chocolatey For Business, this reminder period is 7 days. You can dismiss the reminder for 48 hours, but it will continue to remind you until the license has been renewed.

Computer Retention Policy

We’ve added an option to delete stale Computers that have not checked into Chocolatey Central Management for a period of time. The time period is 365 days by default, but is configurable.

Remove stale computers from Chocolatey Central Management

User Interface

As is traditional, we’ve saved the best to last! You can now toggle light and dark mode for the Chocolatey Central Management user interface.

Use light or dark mode in the Chocolatey Central Management user interface

Release notes

For more information on the features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in this release, please see the release notes.

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