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While we have a full set of release notes available for both Chocolatey GUI and Chocolatey GUI Licensed Extension, we have highlighted a few important updates below.


If you use Chocolatey GUI Licensed Extension you will need to install v0.4.0 to use Chocolatey GUI v0.20.0.

Change To Required .NET Framework

Chocolatey GUI 0.20.0 now requires .NET Framework 4.8 whereas previous versions required .NET Framework 4.5.2.

Control Package and Installation Arguments

A popular request from our community and customers is to have the ability to control arguments that can be passed to Chocolatey when installing a package from Chocolatey GUI. For example, to allow passing of a package parameter to control whether a desktop shortcut should be created or not. I am very happy to announce that this feature is now available when installing a package, and you can find out more information about it in the documentation.

Change Display Language

In previous versions of Chocolatey GUI, it would detect the Windows System locale, and if this was supported, Chocolatey GUI would update to show its UI in this language. With the release of Chocolatey GUI 0.20.0, it is now possible to select which language you would like to use. Find out more information about this in the documentation.

View Remembered Arguments

From within a package details page in Chocolatey GUI, it is now possible to see the remembered arguments that were stored when the package was installed. This can be very useful when trying to perform upgrades, and to know how a package was installed. Check out the documentation for full information on this feature.

Release Notes

For more information on the breaking changes, features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in this release, please see the Chocolatey GUI release notes and the Chocolatey GUI Licensed Extension release notes.

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