How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone


Since Google Drive is used by Android phones because Android and iOS are two separate operating systems, the majority of iPhone users have difficulty restoring WhatsApp backups via Google Drive to apple devices.

Part 1:

Here’s how to move your WhatsApp messages from one Google Drive backup to your iPhone if you’re migrating from Android to iPhone. Individuals who transition between Android and iPhone generally depend on the applications to appropriately handle user data. Using the same account data on an iPhone, for instance, will normally result in the very same account details being displayed in the app on an Android device.

Not all applications, however, do this for all of their info. Using WhatsApp, this seems to be pretty much the case. For example, the app explicitly informs users that they may only authenticate an account including one mobile number and that switching accounts among devices regularly may result in account suspension. This includes any discussions, files, or data created or received during such interactions. There seems to be no simple method for ordinary customers to move monies inside the scheme. If the WhatsApp data you wish to share has already been stored online via Google Drive, the matter is becoming more and more complicated. Although recovering a Google Drive backup appears to be doable, this is not on an iPhone.

Furthermore, WhatsApp for iOS, for example, just connects with iCloud and therefore not Google Drive, whereas WhatsApp for Android simply connects with Gmail Account but not iCloud. WhatsApp for iOS doesn’t really allow loading Google Drive backups. Although if you already have Google Drive loaded on your iPhone and WhatsApp is using Google Drive on iOS, the information is impossible to be read owing to differences in encryption techniques.

Part 2:

In order to restore WhatsApp backup from google drive to iPhone, there seem to be two methods to do it using Google Drive, some of which are far easier than others because it makes use of a tool called AnyTrans.

Method 1: Using “Google Drive”

1. Before going on to the iPhone, one of the key goals of this transfer is to transfer the Google Drive backup file to Android. You won’t be capable of restoring data from Google Drive to your apple device since it is incompatible with the iOS platform. The steps are as follows:

1.1- Restoring WhatsApp data from Google Drive to an Android phone:

  • Step:1- Setup and launch WhatsApp on your Android phone, then authenticate your mobile number.


  • Step:2- When asked to restore the backup from Google Drive, tap Restore. tap-restore
  • Step:3- Wait for the procedure to complete. Afterword, you need to click “Next” in order to complete the process.


  • Step:4- WhatsApp will attempt to recover multimedia content once your conversation records have been recovered. Allow for the procedure to be complete.

1.2- Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via email:

  • Step:1- On an Android device, launch WhatsApp. Choose the conversation record you wish to move.
  • Step:2- Select Settings, More, Download Chat, and Email from the drop-down menu. Choose whether or not you wish multimedia from the chat to be added to the email.
  • Step:3- Enter the email address whereby the log should be sent, then click Send.
  • Step:4- Launch your email program on your iPhone and obtain the conversation log.


Now, here is a visually detailed information if you feel any difficulties when performing these two methods. [2 Ways] How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone 2021

2. As previously said, utilizing Google Drive to restore your WhatsApp information on your iPhone is an unauthorized and difficult procedure. It’s difficult and convoluted because there isn’t an easy method to achieve it. Nonetheless, we are discussing a few methods to do the same; however, it is conceivable that you may lose your valuable data information on WhatsApp. Many people put in a lot of work to restore their WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone, but most of them complain about data loss or inadequate data recovery during the procedure.

Furthermore, they are not perfect solutions with a 100 percent chance of winning because the process can occasionally result in a high failure rate, but there’s no harm in employing such ways because you’ll soon need your valuable WhatsApp data information.

3. Following on from the previous point, we recognize that transferring your WhatsApp data from Google Drive to your iPhone is challenging, but not impossible. We have AnyTrans as a solution to make this operation go more smoothly for you. AnyTrans allows you to make this transfer in just a few simple steps, without having to worry about losing your data.

Method 2: Using “AnyTrans”

1. AnyTrans is a program that allows you to manage and transfer information between multiple. It’s a full-featured iPhone and iPad organizer that can manage a wide range of tasks, including photo and music transfers, backups, and content from selected chat applications.

Furthermore, this could also be used to immediately restore a WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to an iPhone. It achieves something so that chat recordings may be preserved within WhatsApp instead of independently. This could transmit any photos, music, videos, or other content sent or retrieved as part of a message thread, in addition to recorded conversations. As a consequence, neither of the sensitive information you’ve provided with your connections is lost. This is also a WhatsApp transferring tool with a rate of success since it works with all iPhone models and even supports iOS 15. It accomplishes this totally through some kind of straightforward, quick, comprehensive, and flawless approach, with the tool aiding at each and every stage.

Speaking in simple words, the procedure is quite uncomplicated and speedy; also, the understanding of the process is concluded and seamless

2. AnyTrans provides a specific solution for directly transferring WhatsApp data from Google Drive to iPhone. You may make this activity go more smoothly by utilizing “Social Messages Manager” feature. You must follow the procedures outlined below in order to complete this transferring process:

3. In addition to the preceding point, when you’ve completed this method, you’ll be able to access your conversations, containing multimedia, on your iPhone using the WhatsApp application. AnyTrans Social Messages Manager is capable of much more than simply transferring WhatsApp messages between Android to iPhone with a single tap. This may backup and restore full your WhatsApp messages and documents to an iPhone if required.

Moreover, it allows such applications as Viber and Line; in addition to WhatsApp. Users can also inspect the backup information by selecting certain conversations and exporting them as Html documents. Such exports can now be utilized in a variety of methods, including printing them for offline viewing.

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