NordLocker encrypted cloud introduces biometrics for Windows

LONDON, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NordLocker, an encrypted cloud storage provider, is pleased to announce that it’s launching a feature in high demand — biometric authentication.

The new feature is available to Android and Windows users and adds flexibility and convenience to the login process. Instead of typing in their master password, users are able to unlock NordLocker via their fingerprint and/or face ID. Windows users can use Windows Hello instead of their master password to log in to NordLocker.

“Biometrics add an extra layer of security to your online accounts and are one of the safest authentication methods out there,” says Oliver Noble, a cybersecurity expert at NordLocker. “To ensure the maximum protection and privacy, I’d recommend using biometrics along with multi-factor authentication. As for the master password, it should be unique and complex.”

Other recent news

In April 2022, NordLocker launched an encrypted cloud service for business clients to offer top-notch protection, convenience, and cost-effectiveness when storing and managing their corporate data. NordLocker Cloud for business comes with an Admin Panel, a Locker Share functionality, and other great features to help organizations keep their sensitive files secure.

Previously available on mobile via the Web Access feature only, now NordLocker can be experienced on the go in full as a native application for Android. The NordLocker mobile app makes sure files on your smartphone are always secure and within reach.

Future plans

Sharing. Soon, individual NordLocker users will get a Locker Share functionality that allows them to securely share entire lockers (encrypted folders) both with NordLocker users and with non-users. Sharing is as simple as typing in the email address of the receiver. The feature is currently available only among NordLocker Business users.

Share via Link. This quarter, both B2C and B2B NordLocker customers will be able to share their files in a more convenient way thanks to a new feature called Share via Link.

Account Recovery (B2B). The feature will allow business admins to recover members’ accounts under any unforeseen circumstances safely.

Share Outside Organization (B2B). The setting for organization admins to control and limit sharing files and folders outside their organization.

Business Groups (B2B). Another great functionality that allows admins to create groups between organization users to make user management and file sharing faster and easier.


NordLocker is the world’s first end-to-end encrypted cloud with a file encryption tool. It was created by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN – one of the most advanced VPN service providers on the market. NordLocker is available on various platforms, supports all file types, offers a fast and intuitive interface, and guarantees secure sync between devices. With NordLocker, files are protected from hacking, surveillance, and data collection. For more information:


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