What to Consider When Choosing a Computer for Employees

  • The average American spends more than seven hours a day looking at their computer screen.
  • A personal computer should provide the power and security users need today, while giving them the tools they need for the future.
  • Today’s monitors and PCs are designed with adaptability, comfort, and performance in mind.

Computers, phones, and personal devices offer a gateway to the world’s information. From responding to an email to checking the weekly weather forecast or ordering groceries, technology can help address everyday needs in just a few short clicks. In fact, the average American spends seven hours and four minutes every day in front of computers and other devices.

Since people spend the majority of their waking hours looking at some sort of screen, they require a certain level of comfort, quality, and usability from their devices. 

And with many of today’s office workers clocking in from home, it’s important that their technology is designed to support their various work styles and requirements. According to a survey from Gartner, a majority of workers say flexibility is key to their productivity. Whether they prefer to work from home, at an office, or a local coffee shop, people need a powerful PC and monitor setup that is able to adjust to their preferences. 

Power and flexibility to meet modern workers where they are

Since many workers are splitting their time between the office and their home, they require computer hardware that can seamlessly transition between places. 

The PRO DP20Z series business Mini-PC is one computer designed to meet these goals. The technology is engineered to fit a number of common scenarios, from office cubicles to retail spaces like cafes or restaurants. It also connects to multiple devices thanks to a bevy of USB and video port support.

Despite this high level of versatility, users might not even realize the PC is there. The VESA mountable design makes the technology completely invisible when mounted to a monitor or a digital signage device. And when important computing chores need to be handled, the PRO DP20Z series helps users rise to the challenge. Whether they need to crunch scientific data or design a business logo, the PC can make it possible to complete these important tasks.   

The device delivers full-size desktop-level performance in a small chassis. MSI Center Software helps prioritize and allocate processing resources and accelerate the performance of software in everyday use, ensuring the PC can meet even the most complex business needs. 

However, productivity means something different to everyone. The PRO DP20Z series ensures the user’s device is set up and tailored to the way they want to work. For example, someone who works in multiple tabs and spreadsheets might prefer to interact with their data on a few different screens. PCs like the PRO DP20Z offer the ability to extend information between three different monitors and toggle between devices when necessary.  

A security-first approach  

With more people working from various locations and endpoints, security has become a key consideration for enterprises. A PC like the PRO DP20Z is designed to help combat these security concerns. It supports the trusted platform module, a computer chip that securely stores sensitive information, such as passwords, encryption keys, and certificates. 

That adds an extra layer of security for employees amid an evolving threat landscape.  

As security processes and regulations evolve, the capabilities you will need tomorrow aren’t necessarily the ones you use today. The PRO DP20Z computer was designed with the future in mind, making it possible to add or upgrade the technology with security enhancements.

Ensuring your PC experience is a pleasurable one

Whether you’re a student, tech worker, or corporate employee, your computer setup can be the difference between a stressful day and a pleasant one.

The Modern MD271 is one series of monitors that enhances comfort and productivity via a sleek minimalistic design.

For example, the series comes with a fully adjustable stand. Users can change the tilt, pivot, swivel, and height settings, finding the best position that fits their height and posture. In addition, a built-in USB Type-C charging cable allows users to charge and connect their devices seamlessly.

The MD271 also offers high-definition display that optimizes screen colors and brightness, resulting in a quality viewing experience. This is especially valuable for digital designers or video editors who work with images every day. Anti-Flicker technology also ensures a stable output current, which reduces eye strain and dry-eye — symptoms that many users report experiencing as a result of staring at their screens. 

And the Modern MD271 protects users’ ears as well as their eyes. Leveraging the built-in speakers, people can enjoy audio files, attend online conferences, or edit videos without external speakers or headphones.

To succeed in a hybrid workforce, employees need technology that works for them. The right technology meets the needs of the modern employee by providing a productive and comfortable user experience — regardless of where they work.  

Learn more about how MSI’s computer offerings can empower your employees to work productively and comfortably. 

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